Focktek was founded in 2002, dedicated to precision optical components and precision optical lens development and production. The company now has 72500 square meters of modern office buildings, built a production line, plane, spherical mirror, lens, optical lens and five precision optical products and 2000 square meters of ultra clean coating center, testing center and 1000 ultra clean lens assembly workshop. In 2012, the company invested 300 million yuan in Fujian Sanming Ninghua to establish the lens and lens production base, and has been put into operation in May 2014.

Foctek to provide customers with high-precision optical components, precision optical lens, special custom optical lens. Precision optical lens includes: 3MP, 5MP high-definition fixed focus security surveillance lens, 3MP, 5MP HD zoom security surveillance lens, 12MP high-definition intelligent traffic lens, 20MP pixel machine vision lens, car car lens. Products are widely used in precision instruments, medical equipment, automation equipment, new cars, automatic optical detection, security monitoring, high-definition road monitoring. Products are mainly exported to North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries and regions.