Westermo was established in 1975. The head office is located 150 km (93.2 miles) southwest of Stockholm in Sweden. Over the past three decades Westermo has grown with subsidiaries being established in Sweden, UK, Germany, France, Singapore, North America, Taiwan and sales partners appointed in over 35 Countries worldwide.

The first Westermo data communications product was an RS-232 line driver called the KM-1 that allowed data to be transmitted over great distances using twisted pair cables. Today we still sell a product, the MA-12, that is plug compatible with this device.

In the 1990s Westermo created the world’s first industrial DIN rail mount telephone modem the TD-22 pioneering remote access solutions for industrial devices like PLCs and HMIs.

In 2008 Westermo was acquired by The Bejier Electronics Corporation based in Malmo Sweden. Westermo now forms part of the Beijer Industrial Data Communications division.