Universal Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (UMEC)
was founded in 1984 Taichung, Taiwan. We are public listed in TSEC OTC in 1998 and TAIEX in 2000 with 43 millions US dollars capital and over 135 millions US dollars annual sales volume.
The Taichung Head Quarter is located at the heart of Taiwan with international site of service branches throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. There are two global manufacturing facilities to provide high quality and competitive products, located at Taichung Industrial Park, Taiwan and ShenZhen, China. As the worldwide expertise in contract manufacturing service, our facilities is fully certified by an array of international standards, ISO-9001/14001, QS- 9000, QS, BABT, TL, and TUV*.
*TÜV SÜD Product Service has created a website where your customers can find out about the type of certification mark and the tested properties. The site can be accessed under the following link:
Over 25 years in the industry, we are proud to be well known as a superior choice of supplier for customers all over the world in five areas of EMS.

1. Magnetic Components:
all types of inverter and transformers, covers communication, internet, and power system.
2. Power Supplies:
converter, open frame, and LUPS, used in communication, internet, industrial control and IT Home Electronics.
3. Information and Communication Components/ Products:
two product line separated as OEM assembly service(subcontracting) test equipments, GPS module,telecommunications,automation systems and turn-key assemblies for US- Telephony inspector, JP- Fish finder/ detector, Marine GPS/Radar etc, and UMEC Developed CPEs, such as SIP Internet/WIFI Video Phone, VOIP gateway router, GPS, Digital Photo Frame, etc.
4. Photonics Equipment and Components:
CATV optical equipments include Video/Data-ONU, Forward Transmitter, Return Receiver, GE-PON system etc. Customized Passive optical components with all types of WDMs, filter Add/Drop devices and FBT 1xN couplers.
5. LCM and TV products:
LED and CCFL backlight, LCD Module, LED Display and LED TV(OEM/ODM)