Torex Semiconductor Ltd.

Excellent design capability to create high-performance analog CMOS

TOREX, offering various solutions ahead of the market trend by utilizing its excellent technological intellect and marketing expertise, has become specialized in developing and producing power supply ICs to meet future needs. Our engineers, with many years of experience and a thorough knowledge of analog design essential to digital equipment, undertake planning, development and design of our distinctive products.

Outstanding development expertise to meet the needs of the times for microminiaturization and lower electric current dissipation

The demand for compact, lightweight, high-precision and low-cost power supply ICs is increasing every year. Low current-dissipating ICs are particularly needed to increase the degree of freedom in power supply design and permit more comfortable prolonged use of portable equipment. Making the best use of the advantages of our analog circuit and CMOS technologies, TOREX has developed products with a current dissipation of less than 1A, as well as products with ripple removal rate and operating speed improved to the levels of bipolar ICs. Achieving a strong reputation in the market, these products are provided with various patented features. Moreover, TOREX has developed the USP-6B package, enabling cutting-edge chip-size packages to be produced using existing production lines. The USP-6B, currently patent pending, is a breakthrough in that it reduces initial cost considerably and allows IC designs with any number of pins.

Packages with excellent features serving various industrial fields

TOREX offers excellent package products featuring laser trimming technology, voltage setting in steps of 0.1V, and a high set voltage precision of ±1%. Besides responding to the increasing demand for more compact, more lightweight and thinner package products, we also offer optimized power supply circuitry to allow our customers to increase the degree of freedom in circuit design. Minimizing external components, our ultra-compact package products are expanding their range of applications. TOREX will also continue to strengthen its product line, mainly in the fields of DC/DC converters with an output current of several amperes and medium- and high-voltage products for industrial use.