We continually strive to be a great company. TAIMAG CORPORATION is committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers. Moreover, our efforts extend beyond providing outstanding products and services to those who need them. TAIMAG CORPORATION conducts researche and participates in a number of initiatives to constantly develop our sector of the industry and to contribute to society. TAIMAG CORPORATION is implementing a strategy to accelerate growth through innovation, and strengthening organizational and associates’ capabilities. TAIMAG CORPORATION continuously seeks to develop technologies and products that will have a greater impact on workers’ safety.

Welcome to Taimag (Taiwan Magnetic)

The year 2000 brought many new and exciting changes to our company. We changed our name, increased our production facilities to keep up with the fast growing demands of the electronic market, and developed a stronger international sales distribution and marketing network to better service our customers worldwide. The combination of these and other improvements at Taimag has made our company one of the fastest growing LAN and Communication Magnetic Components manufacturer in the world.

Taimag formerly known as Taimic, was founded in 1977 with its headquarters located in Kaohsiung Taiwan. The first years of production was focused on transformer type designs. In 1996, Taimag underwent its first visionary reform towards LAN and communication magnetic components. This commenced a remarkable journey towards becoming a very successful magnetic components producer in Taiwan, Japan and other Asian markets. In 1998, due to the increasing market demand, Taimag established a second factory in Mainland China. Today, Taimag employees over 1500 workers worldwide producing some of the most modern and technical designs for LAN, Telecommunication, and other Magnetic Components.

Taimag has been an ISO9002 certified company since 1994, and our products are recognized and approved by UL (Underwriters Laboratory).

Our design and engineering staff are credited with the design of many LAN & Magnetic components that are now very common in today’s industry.

Learning from our initial transformer designs, Taimag now produces a diversified list of magnetic products which include 10/100 Base to 1000 Base Transformers, ADSL, ISDN, and Home LAN Components for high frequency applications.
We also offer custom design support for making specific products for individual application requirements.

Our goal is for Taimag to be one of the most recognized names in the North American, European, and Asian electronic markets. Our prospective customers are delighted with our new marketing efforts. Taimag is quickly becoming the new alternative source, that can support their growing demands. We offer more capacity, short lead time, strict quality control, very competitive prices and the ability to coordinate the logistics of shipping products around the world.

At Taimag we say, “The customer always expects the best prices and quality. It’s our service that makes us different from our competitors.”

We welcome the opportunity to offer our company and its products and will sincerely appreciate your business