Silicon Laboratories, Inc.

Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB) is an industry leader in the innovation of high-performance, analog-intensive, mixed-signal ICs. Mixed-signal ICs enable the analog world we live in to interact with the digital world of computing. Electronics ranging from your thermostat to your Smartphone are using more and more mixed-signal content as they become “smarter,” connected and more useful.

A very highly diversified company for its size, Silicon Labs has been able to grow quickly and gain market share over incumbents through innovative circuit design. Developing mixed-signal ICs in standard CMOS requires very creative design techniques and trade secrets that Silicon Labs has developed, enabling a number of industry firsts.

Silicon Labs’ portfolio of mixed-signal ICs includes processors, sensors, connectivity, timing, power, audio and TV products. These patented solutions serve a broad set of end markets including consumer, communications, industrial and automotive.