Roal Electronics

We are a community committed to enriching the efficiency of power conversion and delivering competitive value to our customers and our customer’s customers.

So our focus is clear and sensible:

more and less. Through our True Digital Management experience we deliver: more efficiency and less warming. more density and less space. more reliability and less worry. more living and less waste

“ We search, we think, we care, we design, we aim for living energy. “


Our customers operate in highly competitive and dynamic markets. Our success is dependent upon the success of our customers. We clearly understand that, as a partner it is crucial to be agile, flexible, cost effective, and able to access global resources.

Quality Assurance

ISO9001 certified since 1992 and ISO 14000 certified since December 2007, ROAL continues to review, upgrade and support ongoing quality concerns and programs through the collaborative efforts of all ROAL employees and management. Today ROAL’s Quality System is a process-based and performance oriented effective tool to back company management in the decision making process and to drive continuous improvement.

Research & Development

Our innovations come not only from the desire to constantly design newer and more efficient products, but from listening, and responding, to the needs, wants and concerns of our customers, now and for their future. Listening for the future drives new topologies, technologies, and processes which enables us and our customers to meet the competitive challenges we face.