HST was founded by a group of enthusiastic technicians and sales force who have abundant of experience in thermal products and highly motivated to service customers. Our goal in pursuing the best and perfect have made us in continues progress. And striving for professional thermal product supplier with customer-oriented and service-minded has made us become a staunch supplier.

In 2004, we invested LED lighting company and mainly focus on high power LED Street Lights applications, our products have been qualified by PCT 138 members and SGS, we have provided so many products to lots of countries and some projects are under proceeding now.

In recent years the various countries competed to invest the massive resources positively to develop the regeneration energy, renewable energy and high efficiency energy industries. Taiwan’s superiority will lie in the accumulation rich semiconductor industry technology base, the coordinate economy department subscribes next in 2010 to regenerate the energy electric power facility capacity allocated proportion to reach the total electric power facility capacity 10% goal, the solar cell prospects for development favors.

HST deeply feels “the regeneration energy elementary education” importance . Establishes the photoelectricity department in 2006 and is employed the most long solar energy photoelectricity application specialized company with Taiwan SOLAR I Company signature contract Becomes south solar cell product Taiwan the area specialized business agent. Sell the whole world by the most new style solar energy and the wind power generation using the product.

We take making a contribution to promoting clean and sustainable environment as the one of our long term goals .