HiSilicon is a globally-leading fabless semiconductor company which was founded in 2004. We provide leading chipset solutions and services for devices used in smart homes, smart cities, smart mobility, and other scenarios.

Our portfolio covers a wide range of fields, including smart vision, smart IoT, smart media, smart transportation, automotive electronics, display, mobile SoC, data centers, and optical transceivers.

–      Smart vision: Focusing on visual computing, HiSilicon provides advanced solutions for business as well as consumer smart devices which have been widely used in smart city, smart home and much more, featuring industry-leading UHD ISP and computing capabilities, with full development SDK & toolset.

–      Smart media: HiSilicon provides chipsets and solutions for smart home, smart office, education and commercial scenarios, ranging from set-top boxes (STBs), smart TVs, XR and much more pan-screen smart devices, integrating capabilities from sensing, connecting, computing, and interacting.

–      Display: HiSilicon provides TCON for large-size displays that feature high reliability and power efficiency, delivering ultra-high resolutions, high frame rates, vivid color, crystal clear, and smooth visual experience to meet consumers’ high demands.

–      Smart IoT: HiSilicon is devoted to communication technologies, including 5G/4G/NB-IoT in cellular connectivity, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth in short-range wireless connectivity, and HPLC/PLC-IoT in power line communication. Integrating with our other intelligent technologies, we can enable smart IoT devices across all scenarios and industries.

–      Smart mobiliy: HiSilicon enables intelligent connected vehicles (ICV) and smart transportation facilities. With advanced technologies like smart vision, intelligent interaction, intelligent connectivity, AI, and V2X, we provide solutions and services for the intelligent cockpit, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), ICV and the collaboration between vehicles and roads.

–      Mobile SoC: HiSilicon delivers an excellent user experience with Kirin high-performance, low-power, and smarter AI mobile chipsets and solutions.

–      Communications: HiSilicon is the pacesetter across a range of commercially-used mobile communication technologies, including LTE Cat.4, Cat.6, Cat.12/13, Cat.18, Cat.19, Cat.21, dual-SIM dual-VoLTE, C-V2X and pseudo base station defenses. We provide users with fast and reliable connections. We are also the first company to launch 5G commercial terminal chipsets, which are driving development across the 5G industries.

–      Data center: We have introduced our own ARM server CPU Kunpeng series which delivers high-levels of performance, throughput, integration, and energy efficiency, to meet the diverse computing requirements of data centers. Kunpeng can be used widely in big data, distributed storage, and ARM-native applications.

–      Accelerating AI industry deployment: HiSilicon’s all-scenario AI solution provides AI Processors with the computing power from the data center to the edge and device. Our AI capabilities can be used for smart cities, smart home, smart manufacturing, smart mobility, cloud services and IT intelligence and etc.

HiSilicon has more than 7,000 employees across 12 offices and R&D centers in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, and Europe. Over more than 20 years of development experience, we have mastered top-tier IC design and verification technologies. We have also optimized our EDA design platforms, development processes, and specifications. Over the years, we have successfully developed more than 200 types of chipsets with intellectual property rights (IPRs), and applied for more than 8,000 patents.

HiSilicon is committed to enabling smart devices across all scenarios. We provide global customers with quality chipsets and solutions, while focusing on excellent service and quick responses. As we go forward, we will continue to create value for our customers.