We’re at the beginning of the next wave of dramatic Internet growth in which all the “things” around us could get connected. GainSpan is at the forefront of this Internet of Things movement, with wireless connectivity solutions that turn everyday products into intelligent communicating devices.

Our Vision for IOT
Connectivity. It’s a cornerstone of our vision for the IOT. Since 2006, we’ve designed and marketed Wi-Fi chips, modules and solutions to connect traditionally non-connected devices to smartphones or the Internet. More recently, we added a combo Wi-Fi/ZigBee/6LoWPAN chip and modules. In the future, we’ll expand our portfolio to offer the most suitable wireless solutions to continue to connect “Things” to the Internet and People to “Things.”

Claims to Fame

Our claims to fame were, and still are, our ultra-low power consumption Wi-Fi chips and modules for battery-powered devices and our extensive and integrated networking stack. Our low-power consumption lets products run for years on batteries. Our integrated stack offloads Wi-Fi services and networking functionalities, so any device can work with any 8, 16 or 32-bit MCU—or no MCU at all.We’ve been singularly focused on Internet Protocol (IP) technologies, while many competitors used proprietary or non-IP technologies. That’s because we believe the IOT market will really deliver on its promise by leveraging IP. The recent past has proven us right. Some of the market’s most successful connected products are based on IP/Wi-Fi—like the Fitbit scale, the NEST Thermostat, and all the upcoming Smart Appliances.

End-to-End Solutions for Fast Time to Market

Today, we continue to extend our lead and now offer IP based end-to-end solutions that make connected devices easier to develop, faster to get to market and simpler to set-up and install. Our solutions let customers develop a whole new class of Internet connected products. For the Connected Home. For the Connected Building. For Industrial/Smart Cities. For Connected Health/Fitness. For Automotive. For Connected Entertainment.You’ll find our solutions everywhere—weight/BMI scales, heart rate monitors, thermostats, smart plugs, air conditioners, refrigerators, irrigation controllers, photovoltaic inverters, door locks, surveillance cameras, and wireless speakers and headsets to name just a few.A spin-off of Intel, we’re backed by top venture capital firms and strategic investors, and are partnered with leading microcontroller manufacturers, technology companies and service providers–all who share our vision.