Cen Link

The electronics industry is always changing quickly, in addition to facing customer needs, we also face the challenge of changing with each passing day. Cen Link Co., Ltd is a connector – based electronics manufacturing company. Facing new science, technology and techniques, our company has many excellently trained and talented people which make sure our company is linked with the latest innovations and advancements in connect technology. Many patent certifications are also substantial evidence of the ability of our company. Aimed at customers different needs, our company provides our customers with a customize service in a short space of time.

The leader and top executives in our company have a determination to face the differences in modern era business, whilst continuously giving our staff better training. We are also constantly strengthening our own ability to face the different challenges in the world, this allows us to give our customers the best service and experience .We carefully plan how to reach the targets that our members expect, secure effective management strategies, have regular team performance checks, have the ability to plan according to logical order, work as a team, successfully moving forward towards the ideal targets.

Cen Link has been established in the electronics industry for over 30 years, and successfully adapted to many industry changes. We are moving with the industry into a new modern era, promoting the companies character and competitive ability by having all personal moving in a forward direction. Our strategy remains to face the industry changes and competition, whilst keeping quality examination and ISO9001, ISO14001 & IECQ QC080000 certifications, managing expectations, continuing staff development, and retain good working relationships with our well-known customers around the world by providing a professional and rapid service.