Founded in Taiwan from 2012, and reinvestment from Innodisk Corporation in 2013. Aetina is dedicated to high-performance GPGPU and Edge AI Computing solutions for industrial embedded applications. With continuous focus and development on the industry-specific form factors and high reputable GPU-accelerated computing products for a wide range of image-critical applications in medical, defense & aerospace, factory automation, gaming, machine learning, surveillance, and more edge computing markets.

Besides, in the era of AI+IoT, Aetina set its position at the edge, acting its role providing edge computing solution and integration, help the group from data acceleration, collection, analysis, and other AI functions. At the same time, with a stable connection with the Innodisk group, Aetina’s solution got full supports, help the customers for stronger service.

At Aetina, long-term support is our core commitment. We stand together with customers through the close technical partnership, as well as our trusted hardware and firmware customization services. Everything we do is dedicated to helping our customers to release their products on time, on budget, and with the anticipated competitiveness.