Electron Csillag (1982 Agencies) LTD

Electron Csillag (Agencies 1982) Ltd. is a leading provider of automation and support services for electronics manufacturing companies throughout Israel. With a business history over 50 years and Factory automation activities since 1982 we distributing and servicing many of the world’s best know and most respected suppliers.
The Company is organized in three main activity sectors, each manned by well trained and experienced customer service engineers and support staff.
Main activity sectors:
• Electronics manufacturing machines, tools and production equipment
• Materials and consumable supplies for electronics and other assembly
• Factory automation and motion control systems
Customers benefit from Electron Csillag’s professional consulting and engineering services that encompass the entire discipline of automated electronics manufacturing. Electron Csillag is proud to have many of Israel’s most recognized and successful manufacturing companies as satisfied customers.
Equipment suppliers recognize Electron Csillag as a superior distribution and marketing organization capable of adding value to all products, basic supplies or sophisticated automation, through their technical expertise, engineering skills and dedication to their customer’s success.
A Tradition of Quality
The Csillag team brings together talented professionals, world-class automation equipment, proven experience and ISO 9001 procedures to deliver high quality solutions for today’s most challenging process control and manufacturing applications.

Electron Csillag operates from a training and service facility located near to Tel-Aviv International Airport. Csillag Service Team provides on-site customer services and emergency repair parts supply with door to door delivery. Routine spare parts and safety stocks are maintained to assure rapid delivery and superior customer service. Csillag Service Engineers have a time-proven reputation for providing fast, efficient and cost effective on-site repair and support that ensure maximum equipment utilization with minimum down time.

Our Mission
Our mission is to maintain our leading position, with a growing number of activities and satisfied customers who demonstrate a preference for Electron Csillag’s products and services by consistently selecting our company as their first choice product supplies and support.

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