Thin Film Resistor Manufacturer In Taiwan

Viking Tech Corp. is a well-development company of manufacturing Integrated Passive Devices.  We provide first rate Resistors and Inductors, such as Thin Film Resistor, Thick Film Chip Resistor Array, RF Inductor, Ceramic Chip Inductor and Power Inductor.  Our company also offers Capacitor, Foundry Service andSchottky Diode.  As a leading manufacturer of Surface Mount Technology (SMT), we constantly improve our technique and technology to provide the best product to our customers all over the world.  Please inform us if you are interested in high quality SMD Inductor and Precision Resistor.Main Product:
Thin Film Precision Chip Resistor
Current Sensing Resistor 
Thick Film Resistor / Array
RF chip Inductor
Power Inductor 
SMD Capacitor
Metallized heat disspation ceramic substrate
Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
MELF Resistor