Rotem Industries Ltd

Rotem Industries Ltd specializes in the commercialization of advanced technologies and science in a multi discipline environment. Key fields of activities include Medical Imaging, Solar and other Renewable Energy Applications, Homeland Security & CBRN challenges, Crystals Growth & Processing, Radiation Detection Technologies and many more. The company focuses on state-of-the-art innovations, reaping the technical harvest of scientific research, for the benefit of academy, industrial, defense and commercial communities worldwide.

Rotem Industries Ltd is a diversified technology-oriented company with headquarters in the south of Israel. Rotem specializes in evaluating seed technologies, bringing them to market readiness and commercializing the resulting products.
The company specializes in the commercialization of advanced and innovative technologies and science. Founded in early 1980’s, the company has been mandated to implement and commercialize state-of-the-art marketable innovations, reaping the technical harvest of scientific research, for the benefit of research, industrial and commercial communities worldwide.

Specifically, Rotem excels and is successfully engaged in:

  • Advanced research activities
  • Applications development
  • Manufacturing and fine engineering
  • Provision of services to the industrial, defense and academic communities
  • Marketing and business activities
Throughout the past 20 year, Rotem Industries has established a variety of key business activities and research centers, in various industries including the defense and homeland security sectors, medical imaging market, renewable energy sector and fine engineering & manufacturing industry.

Rotem’s business units and subsidiaries are engaged in a wide range of fields:

  • Nuclear Medicine (PET imaging)
  • Industrial Safety Equipment
  • Environmental Protection
  • Radiation Detection
  • Crystal Growth (Sapphire)
  • Homeland Security
  • Metallurgy
  • Alternative Energy