Since the establishment of the company 75 years ago, the company of J. Schneider has become with innovations and growth to one of the leading suppliers of industrial power supplies in the worldwide markets. In each of the three business devices:


„Service-Center electrical Drives“


customer request are in the focus during the development of high quality products and services. If transformers for traffic engineering or photovoltaics systems, uninterruptible power supplies for wind energy plants, highvoltage power supplies for the coating of optical glasses or services at drives of leasure parks or paper mills – the requirements on our products are various. The knowledge of applications for which our products are used, are subject to successful innovations.

We manufacture s well products in series as customer specified products in the ranges:


100 VA – 10 MVA, power transformers, customer specified special transformers, starting transforners, transducers


filter circuit reactors, commutation reactors, smoothing reactors

Power Supplies:

regulated, non-regulated, primary switched, stand-alone and 19“-versions, special power supplies

Service-Center electrical Drives:

repairshop, machine maintenance

UPS-systems (AC and DC):

stand-alone unit, 19“-version and built-in cabinet, battery chargers

AC/DC-converter, DC/DC-converter


 line voltage regulators and magnetic voltage stabilizers

High voltage power supplies

our own development department develops products in high-current and high-voltage technique.

Systems for Machine and System construction