Specializing in the manufacture of connectors, Hirose Electric has contributed to the development of the electronics sector for over 70 years. At present, Hirose commands a leading position as a top brand in Japan. And the export ratio of our sales is showing a dramatic increase, which demonstrates how we are expanding the scope of our activities to the global stage. It is with a profound sense of gratitude and appreciation that we take this opportunity to acknowledge the support and patronage of all our customers that have enabled us to achieve this growth.

Two management concepts are key to our corporate philosophy: “connecting wisdom” and “the principle of ‘being small’.” These concepts imply humility in the sense of viewing ourselves as small and the modesty needed to seek outside advice, as well as the resolve to integrate and connect this vast store of wisdom with the knowledge we have ourselves acquired over the years. We are determined to maintain a high standard of management quality buttressed by an efficient organization. Our corporate slogan distinguishes Hirose as establishing “Creative Links to World Electronics,” a defining description of the way we act and operate.

Today, the pace of progress in the electronics field and the revolutionizing advances of our information & telecommunication technology age are accelerating. Thus, for connectors that are the core component of today’s ever-advancing equipment and facilities, innovative product development that goes beyond merely creating products to realize superior basic specifications is vital. Hirose has the enterprising spirit needed to meet these challenges with the determination to lead the industry by developing new products. True to our past record of being an industry leader in innovative marketing and technology, we are resolved to face the challenges of domestic and foreign markets through a creative approach that is the hallmark of a development-oriented company. And, as an integral part of our corporate vision of being a global company in the truest sense, we also embrace a firm commitment to resolving the environmental issues that pose a major challenge for all of humankind. In this context, we shall do all we can to enhance awareness of environmental problems on a company-wide basis and measure up to our responsibilities through practical and specific measures in all areas that concern us.