FOCtek Photonics, Inc.

Located in Fuzhou, a coastal city in South East China, FOCtek has become one of China’s leading manufacturers of optical components, crystal components and optical assemblies. Founded in 2002, FOCtek has had a strong and steady growth that has lead us to today’s staff of over 700 comprised of a very skilled team of fabricators, mechanical engineers, process engineers, optical engineers and coating designers.

Our manufacturing capabilities consist of all types of custom manufactured lens, Beam Splitters, Polarizing Optics, Prisms, Filters, Coatings, Optical Systems, Optical Assemblies and Optical Systems Solutions, Laser Crystals, NLO Crystals. The products are widely used in non-contact inspection, medical, automation, precision instruments, automotive,  military, semiconductor, micro-measuring systems, Biometric System, Surveying Equipments,Security,CCTV,and Machine Vision .