Technological evolution

We could simply design and build powerful electric motors and drives for high-speed applications, but we don’t – instead, we offer more: your individual requirements are applied directly to our products in special customized versions. That is why special drives from ATE create new potential applications which are increasingly being used in various branches of industry and technology.

Company structure

Our team specializes in the development, design and construction of special electric drives. The flat, open and target-oriented organizational structure allows us to respond flexibly to our customers’ individual requirements. First-class standards are assured from development to production by certification of quality management system DIN ISO 9001. Our particular speciality is that ATE customers are advised directly by engineers – with nothing and no-one in between.

Characterization of ATE drives

The special ATE drive components are designed and built for high speeds and for high torque at low speeds. The drives are characterized by optimum power utilization in conjunction with the space available. ATE drives are used in numerous branches of industry requiring powerful, high-quality drives for which the geometry and performance data have been specifically adapted to the customer’s requirements.

Our drive components can meet the most stringent demands in respect of performance, quality and reliability, such as are imposed in the aviation and space industry, as well as in medical technology.

In addition to these high-end drives, high-speed and high-torque ATE drives are also used in standard products combining high quality and power with an attractive price-performance ratio.