3L Coils

3L develops, manufactures and markets all the Inductors / High End Transformers. These products process Energy Storage, Power Supply Control, Noise Filtering, Circuit protection and Resonant Frequency Application. They are indispensable to all electrical and electronic equipment. We offer a broad portfolio that covers both customer and application-specific solutions and standard products.

3L hope our Employees may get Achievements, Skill Upgrade and Satisfied Reward. Hope our Customers may treat 3L as a reliable and trustable partner. Hope our Investors may get profit and sustainably increasedshareholder value. To be a professional company, 3L hope to make more contribution on our professional field, Inductors and High End Transformers, to the current and future

Our goal is to make the name 3L synonymous with outstanding inductor technology and fast growing business performance in world class-Let our employees, customers and investors be proud of us.

Sustained Learning, Continuous Improvement, Customer Satisfaction, Endless Development.